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Heavy Rains Forecasted in Guatemala

Guatemalans received bad news regarding weather, as heavy rains are expected in the coming days. The cause is a low pressure system that moves through the Atlantic Ocean, which will bring rainfalls all over Central America.

Guatemalans received bad news regarding weather.
The forecasts indicate an intensification of the storm in the following hours, although the capital already feels some of its effects, with drizzles and electric shocks.

Reports from the United States indicate that this system has 60 percent chance to become a tropical storm on its way to the western Caribbean Sea.

However, specialized national agencies have not issued any warning related to the climatological phenomenon.

A winter (rainy) season as never seen before in Guatemala in the last six decades has caused material losses that exceed one billion dollars, plus 274 deaths.

This balance includes the impact of the eruption of Pacaya volcano and the Tropical Storm Agatha, last May, for which the government seeks financing in order to implement a reconstruction plan with transformation.