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Mayan Children

Mayan Children

Here are a few photo's that are hard to come by and you will probably not see on many blogs. One of the reasons is that these photo's were taken in the highlands of Guatemala. Not many people travel to these places to visit with or offer humanitarian help to these people. We are talking about the Mayan farmers in the Chimaltenango department of Guatemala, most of these pictures were taken in Chuchuc√° a small little village outside of Patzun.

Map of Chuchuca
This photo I love. the vibrant colors of the huipil on the women and 
children which are all handmade. As you can see in the background
farming is what keeps these people alive.

.No body is afraid of a camera at this age. These children seem so
happy and they just love getting their picture taken. Again see all the 
hard work this little girls mother went through to make this huipil.

Look at these big bright eyes on this innocent little girl. We were sitting
in a daily church service when I got this picture. 

This poor little Mayan girl was tired and just wanted to go home 
and go to sleep. Again this photo was taken at a church service 
in Chuchuca.