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Guatemala's first lady files for divorce

GUATEMALA CITY, March 22 (UPI) -- Guatemala's first lady filed for divorce from her husband three days after she announced her candidacy for the presidency, court records indicate.
Sandra Torres de Colon submitted a divorce petition to the Second Family Court in Guatemala City on March 11 in a civil enforcement proceeding, The Guatemala Times reported Tuesday.
Guatemala's constitution prohibits relatives of the nation's chief executive from running for president.
Constitutional attorney Carlos Molina Mencos said once the divorce has been finalized Sandra Torres will be able to legally seek the presidency.
However, he called the divorce a "mockery" and "immoral."
Zury Rios, a member of the Guatemalan Republican Front Party, told Guatemala's La Hora newspaper "it is sad that for the love of power she left the love of her life."
"One can divorce for many reasons, but for the love of power, is unthinkable,." Rios said.
Former Gen. Otto Perez charged the first couple is using the law to do something illegal, Prensa Libre reported.