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Christmas in Beautiful Guatemala

Christmas in Guatemala

December in Guatemala is a special time of year, many traditional and cultural experiences happen depending on what part of Guatemala you visit. In the larger cities you will experience many of the same things we do here in America like Christmas trees, wreaths, and with Guatemala being such fertile soil Poinsettias are a big hit.

 A big event that happens on December 21st is the birthday of Santo Tomas, patron saint of the Quiche Maya market town of Chichicastenango. Festivities are centered on the square in front of the church, where hundreds of costumed dancers perform amid a riotously colorful crowd of tightly packed Maya onlookers.

Christmas time is special and when you can spend it with friends and family it even makes it a more special time of year. Make it a priority to reach out and touch someone this special time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.