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Guatemala needs more electricity

Sustainable Power Corp. is please to announce the purchase of 1, 000 acres to build a new 1 gigawatt power plant.

"This acquisition continues our intention of expanding our business throughout Central America and in other parts of the world. This plant, when completed, will permit us to begin producing green power at very competitive pricing with our friends in Central America." John Rivera, Chairman and CEO of Sustainable Power Corp.

The acquisition will be finalized upon completion of appropriate documentation with the property contributed valued at approximately $4,000,000.

Sustainable Power Corp. is an international green energy total service provider focused on environmentally safe power generation.

With electricity in such high demand in Guatemala this is a win win situation. Most of the homes in the highland area's of Guatemala live with one light bulb or no lights what so ever. The heavy demand on electricity in the larger metropolitan areas of the country causes brown outs or loss of electricity for up to several days at a time. So any news about possible increase electricity in the country is good news.