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The Rain Lilly or Zephyr Lilly

The rain lilly is a native to Mexico and Guaetemala, the formal name for the rain lilly is called "Zephyranthes". Zephyranthes are commonly called rain lilies since they often come into bloom after it rains. Zephyranthes flowers are very similar to Habranthus flowers and both are called rain lilies. Habranthus flowers point upward BUT at an angle and have unequal stamens, and Zephyranthes flowers point straight up and have equal stamens.
The grandiflora variety has deep rose pink flowers, also funnel-form but larger than the Zeph. citrina about 10 cm across.

Propagation can be done by division or separation of well-rooted bulbs. This can be done just after the blooming period. Almost the whole year, they grow green leaves.

Although the rain lilly are tropical in origin, they can tolerate winter but not in a freezing point. In winter like all other plants, they lose there leaves and rest or hibernate so that in spring, they burst with beautiful flowers.