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Antigua Guatemala Market

The Market in Antigua Guatemala

The market in Antigua Guatemala is a must to see. When you are done looking at all the great architecture and scenery and want to really experience Guatemala you must stop at the market. The market is right next to the chicken bus terminal which is about 4 or 5 blocks from the center of town. If you have a problem finding it just follow the sounds of the blowing bus horns and you cannot miss it.

The market is filled with all sorts of interesting things. If I was to live in Antigua I would not shop any place else. Just take your shopping list and you can find everything you can find at Wal-mart here in the States. I have visited the market in Antigua several times, it is an adventure of a life time and one I will never forget.

The market in my mind is divided into three sections. First there is the market that is out back where you hardly ever find a gringo. This market is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, rice, beans, flour, fish, meat and etc. Also you can find every kind of clothing, hats, hardware, tools, toiletries and anything else you may need for the home.
The second part of the market I would say is for the tourist that is looking for something small to bring home. The t-shirts, soccer jersey, knickknacks, small little collectables, pirated cd’s and dvd’s, and some weavings and cultural items. The third part of the market “The Artesian Market”, which is nicer and quieter than the other two is where you will find all of the handcrafted items. You will find some of the best hand crafted items in Central America. The popular items are the brightly colored fabrics, from huipils, jackets, dresses, bedspreads, and blankets. You will also find some real nice art work and wood hand carvings.

Market days are a blast, try to shop during the week when the tourist trade is a little less. I think you will find the prices a little cheaper than on the weekend. Also do not take the first price they throw at you, do a little wheeling and dealing, remember they think all North Americans are rich.

The Market in Antigua is a must for any visitor. I have never been in such a wonderful place. This is a true taste of the culture of Guatemala.