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Drug Violence in Guatemala

The drug violence in Mexico that you hear and read about on a daily basis is now starting to head south into Guatemala. With the pressure on in Mexico by the army and police the drug cartels are moving their operations to Guatemala. The country of Guatemala having weak law enforcement and terrible corruption in the government and being neighbors to Mexico it is a easy move for the cartels.

Guatemalan police commanders say their 20,000 officers cannot match the firepower of the Mexican traffickers, who have made growing use in Mexico of military-type arms, such as 40-millimeter grenades and .50-caliber rifles capable of piercing armor.

Stated in the LA Times:
Mexican drug gangs under pressure at home are moving operations to Guatemala, whose proximity, weak law enforcement and deep-rooted corruption provide fertile ground, officials and analysts say.

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I hope that the government can put a stop to these murderous gangs. I love Guatemala both the people and the country, and I would hate to see it fall to these thugs.
The country is in a tail spin with the economy, but we hope that the government sees that it needs to use all their resources to put a stop to the awful crime that is taking place.