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Panajachel Guatemala

Panajachel Guatemala sits on the shores of beatiful Lake Atitlan in the highlands of the department of Sololá of Guatemala. The town of Panajachel is located at an altitude of 5,238 feet, with a population of around 11,000.

The history of Pana dates back to the 16th century when the spanish conquest of Guatemala took place. There was great fighting that took place with the Mayan Indian tribe called Kaqchikel.

Today it is a busy tourist destination for Guatemala. Pana is filled with hotels, shops, and some of the best resturants I have ever eaten in.

There is a good variety of restaurants in Panajachel, but all small towns and villages in the area have some dining choices. Panajachel has plenty of bars and nightlife spots, but most smaller towns and villages do not have much nightlife options.

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Visit Pana

English is mostly spoken in this area since there is so many travelers that visit this area each year. It is pretty safe also, just some pickpocketing takes place in the clubs or where there may be a lot of travelers congregated. Just be careful and do not carry much cash on you when walking around.

To really learn about the area around the lake, and the many small villages that dot the shore line of Lake Atitlan. One should venture out and take a tourist guided boat ride to see the beautiful volcanoes and the great markets these villages have to offer. At the markets you can find some of the best woven hupils and beautiful color embroidery work done by hand.

Plan on spending the day if you plan on visiting all the villages. But it is worth it. Then come back to Pana to have a wonderful dinner at some of the best restaurants in Pana.